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May 26, 2012
Comments from our friends at the Ice Chamber about the  2nd Annual Victoria KettlebellSport Classic held May 26th…..

June, 2011

Want to become a better lifter?  Don’t expect to do it all by yourself – build your support team. First, get a coach!  I started kettlebell lifting in Feb ’09 and learned primarily by reading blog posts and watching YouTube and blog videos (thanks Steven and Maya at Ice Chamber!).  A year later, after really admiring the technical aspects of her articles, I asked Catherine Imes to be my on-line coach and focused on kettlebell sport lifting exclusively.  What a difference that decision has made.   When I earned my first rankings I did a dance of joy.

Maybe it’s because I’m a 45+ year old athlete, but kettlebell sport lifting seems to find every old musculoskeletal injury I’ve ever had and requires me to rehabilitate those injuries much better than I did the first time – while also trying to avoid new injuries.  I found an awesome doctor (Dr. Friz Berghamer, ND – who now owns his own kettlebell) – I wouldn’t still be lifting without his skill and compassion.   Thank you, Friz!I’ve also had to pay keen attention to my nutrition.  It is WORTH the effort!  (Bonus: I’m now three sizes smaller and I eat a LOT; and my indoor sport climbing has improved by leaps and bounds as a result of my improved grip and overall strength.)

My personal support system includes my wonderful husband (thank you, Brian, my love), and most recently, thanks to the vision and hard work of Linda Gilmour, I’ve been able to emerge from my basement and enjoy practising with other hard working Iron Belles.  Thanks, Linda!  You make my dream of competing in person seem that much closer.

 – Janet Lynch ( 2011 Team member)

December, 2010.

I have worked in fitness and recreation for 30 years and have either taught or attended most types of exercise classes over this period of time.  I originally registered in the Kettle Bell class because  I wanted to improve my  overall fitness level and  I like to try new types of fitness classes.  I  also could not help noticing how much Linda’s body had changed in a short period of time she has been doing Kettle Bell and wanted some of those results.

I was hooked after the first Kettle Bell class.  I really enjoy Linda’s style of instruction because she demonstrates and explains the exercises well, is encouraging, keeps the atmosphere very fun but does not let anyone “wimp” out.  The structure of Linda’s classes  have participants in a room working out together for the social aspect, but we are all working hard at our own levels.  I have found Kettle Bell to be an amazingly  time efficient total body work out.   I have been looking for a new way to improve my fitness and for an activity to keep myself motivated and after attending the classes for a couple of months, I intend to continue to replace my traditional weight training for Kettle Bell classes .

– Anne Marie Holt
Fitness Programmer

My experience with Linda Gilmour as a personal trainer with iron-Bell Fitness was amazing. I signed up for a 5 week, once a week session. When i started training it was hard for me just to so the movements of an exercise. I really didn’t think 5 weeks would get me very far. I decided to go to Linda’s Kettlebell group session once a week to supplement the personal training. After 2 workouts a week for 5 weeks I am back.. I am able to move freely through exercises, I can use the weights now with confidence and my body is already changing shape. I have muscle again, we measured!

Linda was always prepared, positive, gentle and motivating. SHe always changes the workouts, keeping them interesting and challenging. I would recommend personal training to get you engaged and to transform your mind and body and Kettlebell classes for the all year answer to strength and cardio training. Never say never!

–  Paddi Ross

Kettlebell classes are ‘hugelyrewarding. When I started taking Kettlebell classes with Linda Gilmour it was hard for me to just do the movements of the exercises. Now I can lift the ‘huge’ bell. I can move freely through the exercises with weights. I feel stronger, fitter and healthier. Linda’s passion and dedication make me want to keep going even when its hard!

– Paddi Ross